Coronavirus: Symptoms,Causes,Prevention and Islamic Teachings

Coronavirus: Symptoms,Causes,Prevention and Islamic Teachings: This is a short article that includes all important knowledge of corona virus.

Corona Virus: Definition

Corona viruses are zoonotic meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.(WHO)

Corona Virus: Symptoms


breathing difficulties,




Common signs of infection are fever,cough,shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.In more sever infection it causes pneumonia,kidney failure,death.(WHO)

Corona Virus: Causes

The Corona Virus is found mainly in animals and then transmits to human and then spreads human to human.

Human first get it from contact with animals,then human to human.


Many of those who have died were in poor health, it’s recovery depends on immune system.

To prevent Try to

Maintain good hygiene

Regular hand washing,

Avoid close contact with the person showing cough and sneeze,

Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing,

Cook thoroughly meet and eggs

Dont eat Wild animals

Corona Virus and Islamic teachings

Stay at home

Corona Virus is a flue virus. It is like Plague which spread in past and harmed the towns at a large scale.The prophet Muhammad (SAW) forbade leaving the land where the plague is occurred or entering into it.

Tawakkul ala allah: Trust on Allah

The Islam believes that every disease is from God and who made the disease surely made it’s medicine.

The Islam wants to teach his followers that none dies for diseases. Everyone has a limited time and age after completing his age he dies. Thus every one dies on his time whatever the reason may be. it’s a fact.

Abu Hurairah said : The Prophet said “God did not bring down a disease, but a heal was revealed to him .(Sahih Al-Bukhari)

Jabir bin Abdullah said: The Messenger of God said: Every disease has a medicine. (Sahih Muslim)

Corona Virus and Prophet’s teachings

Islam teaches some obligatory hygiene tips that should be followed by every Muslim. Some are in blow


5 times Wudhu for five times prayers. The wudhu begins with the hand washing thrice and brushing the teeth with miswak.

Hand wash:

Beside it, Before and after eating hand washing is Sunnah. Sunnah means the act which is done by the prophet.

The messenger used to wash his hands and brushed his teeth with the Miswak whenever he entered the house.

The Ghusl:

Every Muslim should bath after intimating with his wife.

Hair cutting:

The hair that are below of the navel should erase once in a week.This is Sunnah in Islam.

The underarm hair should also be removed in a week.

Corona Virus and Prophet’s Duas

dua in corona viruses


dua in co vid 19

dua for sick people to speedy recovery

corona and other viruses dua


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