Dowry: Evil and Curse for the Humanity (Everything You Must Know!)

Dowry In these days the dowry is a topic which we have to discuss because it became a cancer of the society. Although every house is affected by this problem, people feel ashamed to talk about this.

We will discuss in this article on this topic and its major affected areas.

dowry is against humanity

Definition of dowry

Dowry is a ritual thing (not a religious) in which the groom or his relevant demand (in many cases and many time) take luxury things or living things at the marriage time for the marriage compensation. It is decided by the status in education and job or business of groom. It is very common to take dowry in our society.

According to Wikipedia dowry is the transfer of parental property to a daughter at her marriage.

The real definition of dowry

Demanding Dowry Is Anti Islamic

  • Dowry demands are against the Islamic Sharia.
  • Dowry is a non-religious work.
  • Demanding a dowry is equal to begging. This is the worst form of morality.
  • There is no purity in the amount found in dowry.
  • Dowry demand is against humanity.
  • Dowry is the major reason for the decline of Indian society.

The bad effects of taking or demanding dowry on society

Today the decline of Indian society is due to the unethical tradition especially on the occasion of marriages, in which the dowry demand is very common and because of this inequalities are growing in the Muslim community.

  • The suicide rate has increased due to this bad tradition of demanding dowry.
  • Due to this, the rights of girls have lacked.
  • Due to it, the divorce rate has increased.
  • Because of the dowry in Muslim society, the law of easy marriage has become very difficult.
  • Dowry has become a very serious problem in Muslim society.
  • Asking for a dowry is like asking for the fire of hell.

The man is responsible for all expenses or women

Allah (SWT) has made the woman prerequisite for a man, this is the reason that the payment of Mehr at the time of marriage is mandatory for the men not women and this is just with women.

The woman is eligible to receive money from her husband. She has been physically weak and man is strengthened Because of this, the maintenance charge of women and their all needs are on her husbands. Her food, her cloth, and her shelter is the responsibility of man.

Allah (SW) says in the holy book Quran,

“A man of vast means should spend according to his vast means. And anyone whose sustenance is limited should spend from whatever Allah has given to him. Allah makes no one liable beyond what He has given to him. Allah will soon bring ease after difficulty.”

So, you may see, Allah orders every man to spend on his spouse, no matter what condition he faces.

jahez ek laanat

But the regret of today’s visit has made girls’ marriage difficult due to the demand of dowry. Instead of ending this non-religious, laical anti-social, inhuman work, people are not only giving it but promoted a lot of boosts.

Today’s young boy wants to live in a lot of dignity and the dowry system helps him fulfilling his wish but on the other hand because of this dowry the age of girls goes out and their father become helpless. They borrow money to give dowry. He takes marriage interest. Pays dowry with debt.

Due to this curse the marriage, which is a boon for society, became very expensive.  So, the poor girls are sitting at home, only because their parents do not have enough money to marry them and give them a dowry. Unlawful affairs and live-in relation rate have increased and couple culture becomes common because of not having marriage on time.

Parents are helpless, they are on their knees before the social rituals. Father is forced to do anything for his daughter’s marriage.

Why is Dowry a curse?

  • Because of it, the suicide rate has increased.
  • Because of it, the depression rate has increased.
  • Because of it, the abortion rate has increased.
  • Because of it, the murder rate has increased.
  • Because of it, the girl became a burden.
  • Because of it, the girl is killed in the mother’s womb by knowing the gender.
  • Because of it, if she becomes elder, the parents will not be able to afford the cost of the family. I mean the budget of poor families become unbalanced.
  • Because of it, the girl’s existence is eliminated from society.


We should eliminate the custom of dowry, not the girls which are the buds of this garden, i.e our world.

We should raise voice against those who ask for (beg) dowry. Those who demand a dowry.We should boycott them socially to save the girl.

We should leave marriage in such homes.

Allah says in the holy book, Quran

“Men are caretakers of women since Allah has made some of them excel the others and because of the wealth they have spent.”

dowry is social evil

Strive,O reader! Follow these divine words, Don’t spread your hands before women, Don’t beg, Be positive, Do work hard and make your fortune yourself.

(Written by Umme Hamdan )

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