Ethics, Good Manners and It’s Importance in Islam

Ethics, Good Manners and It’s Importance in Islam – The People differ among themselves in many things, and the distinction between people is a natural thing, not all people on one level of thinking, dealing and mood. There are many people who have been rooted in their hearts benevolent.

Their every work shows goodness and useful for mankind. And you can see here the people who are very fast in every work of evil and do harmful activities without any hesitation to harm the creation and to damage to them as if their happiness in hurting others.

Ethics, Good Manners and It's Importance in Islam

Ethics, Good Manners and It’s Importance in Islam

As much as you do for the good and as much as you do the virtues of ethics, you enjoy the love of people to you as well as the love of the Great Lord to you.

Good manners

The person who believes in Allah is equal to the person who fasts in the day and prays in the night as the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told us.

Who has good manners?

The good manners people are who have a pure heart to accept everything that is good not for them only, but good for society and the people who dislike every kind of evil, and the people who meet others for their benefit and help the needy people and spread the hand to help the poor and weak.

Visit sick patient and stand on their needs and keep maintain good and healthy communication with all the needy persons till they get what they want. The great symbol of good character is the love and affection from all gentlemen.

How to be good?

Home education and the role of parents in this matter is very important to deepen the sense of good morals in the young generation and if you want to raise the level of society on the basis of moral and dignity.

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You have to teach your child good manners first, before teaching the world. And then come out to the outside of the house with ethics that raise the level of society. This will surely, increases the joy of life.

Train yourself with good habits. Think before every work how is it good for society. Tags: Ethics, Good Manners and Its Importance in Islam

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