Molana Asad Israily Introduction And Dars E Quran

Molana Asad Israily Introduction And Darse Quran

Name and fame:

Molana Zeeshan Asad Israily Qasmi Sambhali was a famous Islamic scholar. He disliked using the word “molana” for the messenger said not to use it. Asad Israily was his pen name. So he is famous for this name.

He was a great orator, poet of Urdu and author. But he is famous for his writing skills and he was known as a commentator of the Quran.

asad israili

Birthplace and family background:

He was born at Sambhal, a famous city for its Islamic scholars, In India in the decade of 50s of last century. He belonged to an educated family. His ancestors were also known as Islamic scholars who served the nation and education also for hundreds of years in the past. His father Maulana Habib Ahmed Israily and mother were also alims.


completing his early education at his home in the eyes of his parents, he had gone to the world-famous institute of Islamic education, Darul Uloom Deoband for higher education.  He had completed his education thereby getting the degree of Alimiyat and Fadhilat. After that, he had done post graduation from English.


He Had worked many years in Saudi Arabia as a translator. But he was a natural writer and a native speaker so he left the job as well as Saudi Arabia for India. He started writing and wrote few novels, some poems in many Urdu digests and magazines. He started some columns in these magazines and managed well for years.

But his nature forced to leave it all because Allah wanted something else from him so he went back to his hometown and started a series of Dars e Quran about 1984. This was the time when many people did not know about dars e quran. His only wish was to spread the message of the Quran widely. he wanted to involve more and more people in this work.

In starting he faced many problems. The people abused him, beat his pupils. But when people came in touch with him, he did not move back.

He orated the Quran for 20 years. He wrote about 15 books. He successfully managed As-Salam Magazine for 10 years and wrote hundreds of article and essay on contemporary topics and Islamic ideology.

Last journey

On 8th May 2005 before Maghrib Salah he left the world for forever.

1- Shafa’at Ki Haqeeqat Soorah Shuara ki roshni men By Molana Asad Israily


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