Nazla Ka Ilaj in Urdu – Cold and Flu : Symptoms and Treatments

Colds also called influenza or flu for short, are spread by a type of virus that targets our respiratory system. The common cold is also a respiratory disease, but the virus is different. The flu virus affects our entire respiratory system, including the throat, respiratory tract, and possibly the lungs, whereas the flu virus only attacks our nose and throat.

Viruses attack our immune system because people have weakened their immune systems due to the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, so they are more prone to viral diseases. Otherwise, viruses are nothing new; science is advancing. And the man who develops the world is himself prone to weakness.

Symptoms of a Cold

Early symptoms of a cold include fever, fatigue, body aches, chills, headache, sore throat, and cough.

A severe cold lasts for three or four days.

The cough however, lasts longer and can take up ten days to heal. Feelings of fatigue and weakness can last for weeks.

Within 24 to 72 hours of being infected with the common cold virus, you can spread the disease to others because of the symptoms do not appear after you become infected,

so, you do not know that you have become ill, so, you continue to carry out your daily routine and spread the virus wherever you go.

If you have a cold, do not go out of the house, at least until the fever goes down. Once the fever goes down, then you do not pass the flu virus to others. So, you can go wherever you want without worrying. However, if you get more rest, it increases your chances of a speedy recovery.

Cold viruses can attack the lungs, increasing the risk of serious infections such as pneumonia.

This is why some people become anxious when they catch a cold because if the cold turns into pneumonia, it can lead to hospitalization, and if left unchecked, it can lead to death.

People with weakened immune systems, the elderly, pregnant women, newborns, and people who already have the disease are at higher risk of developing cold pneumonia.

Medicine or herbal remedies: -Types of colds and flu

There are three types of colds and flu.

(1) Nervous cold:

In this cold, the water flows and you feel cold and headache.

Treatment of this cold:

  • With Clove coffee
  1. Clove -1 gram,
  2. Cinnamon – 1 gram,
  3. Dried Currant (Munaqqa) – 2 grams,
  4. One cup of water

Make coffee with above given ingredients and use it thrice a day.

(2) Dry cold

It occurs in the muscles. Despite the effort, it does not come out.

Treatment of this cold

  • With Ginger Coffee
  1. Ginger – 1/ 2 grams,
  2. Mint – 1 gram,
  3. Black Pepper – 1 gram,
  4. Sugar – 1 teaspoon,
  5. Water – 1 cup

Make coffee with the above given ingredients and use it three times a day.

(3) Hot runny nose:

It occurs in the glandular pulse. Sometimes you feel your nose closed and sometimes opened.

Treatment of this cold

With cardamom coffee

  1. cardamom – 2 no’s
  2. white cumin – 1 gram,
  3. rose petal -1 gram,
  4. water = one cup

Make a cup of coffee with the above given ingredients and use three times a day.

What kind of cold in these, you suffer from, use it for five days. Allah will give you relief.

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طب یا ہربل طریقہ علاج :-

نز لہ و زکام اس کی تین اقسام ہیں

اعصا بی نز لہ ۔ اس میں پانی کی طر ح نز لہ بہتا ہے۔ سردی لگتی ہے ۔سردردہو تا ہے۔

علا ج قہوہ سے==> لونگ =ایک گرام، ۔۔۔۔دار چینی =ایک گرام، ۔۔۔منقی=دو گرام، پانی ایک کپ ۔قہوہ بنا ئیں ۔دن میں تین با ر استعما ل کریں

خشک نز لہ ۔یہ عضلا تی نبض میں ہو تا ہے ۔نز لہ کو شش کے با وجود نہیں نکلتا ۔

علا ج ==> ادرک 1/2 گرام، پودینہ =ایک گرام، کالی مر چ =ایک گرام ، شکر =ایک چمچی ،پا نی =ایک کپ قہوہ بنا ئیں اور دن میں تین با ر استعما ل کر یں

گر م نز لہ ۔یہ غدی نبض میں ہو تا ہے ۔ناک کبھی بندکبھی کھل جا تی ہے اور نز لہ تکلیف سے  خا رج ہو تا ہے۔

علا ج ==>چھو ٹی الا ئچی=دو عدد، زیر ہ سفید=ایک گرام، گلا ب کی پتی =ایک گرام، پا نی =ایک کپ قہوہ بنا ئیں دن میں تین

بار استعما ل کر یں

ان تینوں میں جس قسم کا زکام ہو پانج دن استعما ل کر یں۔ اللہ کر م کر ےگا۔

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