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Best Naat Khwan (Naat Reciters) at a glance

Best Naat Khwan Or Best Naat reciters- Do you who are they? Here is a list before you, we made it through internet. These are world’s best current Naat reciters. The list is based on Urdu and Arabic language. We’ll update it soon and we’ll cover  all languages Naat artists In-Sha-Alllah …

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Prophet Muhammad And His Behavior With Non-Muslims, Mushrikeen

Prophet Muhammad And His Behavior With Non-Muslims (Jews and Mushrikeen) Here we’ll discuss this topic. The dealing of Apostle with the non-Muslims of mecca The Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him -was the finest example of mercy, forgiveness and tolerance with non-Muslims of Mecca, despite the treatment of …

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