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Prophet Muhammad And His Behavior With Non-Muslims, Mushrikeen

Prophet Muhammad And His Behavior With Non-Muslims (Jews and Mushrikeen) Here we’ll discuss this topic. The dealing of Apostle with the non-Muslims of mecca The Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him -was the finest example of mercy, forgiveness and tolerance with non-Muslims of Mecca, despite the treatment of …

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Akhlaq: the Ethics and Good Manners in Islamic Teachings

akhlaq, ethics and good behavior and its importance in islam

Akhlaq: The teachings of Islam is based on four pillars; faith, ethics, worship, and transactions. Thus we can say that the virtues and ethics have a major part in the teachings of Islam, the Qur’an, and the Sunnah. No doubt that the common sense calls and urges for ethics and …

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