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Taraweeh Dua

TARAWEEH DUA السؤال ما حكم التسبيح و الأذكار التي بعد كل ركعتين في صلاة التراويح؟ هل يجب قولها أو لا؟ إذا كان الشيخ لا يريد قولها فماذا علينا أن نفعل؟ هل نتبعه أو نخالفه؟ What is the ruling on tasbeeh and takbeer after every two rak’ahs in Taraweeh prayer? Should …

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Attahiyat and Tashahhud

Attahiyyat and Tashahhud The wordings for the Attahiyyat and Tashahhud and the blessings on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) that have been narrated in reports are many and various. It is best for the Muslim to recite all of them, saying it in one form …

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SAWM: Important Fatwas About Fasting 2018

Sawm, important fatwas about fasting in 2018. Here is the list of fatwa on fasting. Just check the below mentioned fasts and post your suggestion in the comment section. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (1) While performing ablution (wudhu) in fasting, if thread like particles of miswak goes into my throat, …

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