Nawaqid al-Wudu – Nullifiers of ablution – Things That Invalidate Wudu

Nawaqid al-Wudu – Nullifiers of ablution – (Nullifiers of Wudu) Things That Invalidate Wudu (Invalidators of Wudu) In this article, we have covered the invalidators of ablution, kinds of ablution and we have also mentioned the things which are not invalidators. You may read here when the ablution is necessary or obligatory and when it is desirable.

invalidators of ablution nawaqid e wudu

Nawaqid al-Wudu – Nullifiers of ablution

Kinds of ablution

  1. Obligatory
  2. Compulsory
  3. Desirable

Invalidators of ablution

The ablution is invalidated if one of the following happens:

  1. anything like urine excrement of flatus comes out of either the penis or the anus.
  2. blood or pus comes out of the body and spreads of the skin such that the purification of the skin becomes necessary
  3. blood comes out with saliva in a quantity greater than or equal to saliva
  4. the person vomits out food water blood clot or bile and the quantity is a mouthful.
  5. the person sleeps and his buttocks do not remain on the ground.
  6. he falls unconscious
  7. he loses sanity
  8. he gets intoxicated
  9. A non-sleeping adult laughs with sound during a salah consisting of bowings and prostrations.

If a child laugh loudly in a salah, his ablution will not be invalidated

The ablution of a sleeping person is also not invalidated due to a loud laugh

Similarly, if the person laughs loud in funeral salah or Quran recitation prostration his ablution remains valid.

The things which do not invalidate ablution

how to perform ablution wudu steps

The following things appear similar to ablution invalidators but they are not ablution invalidators

  • Blood appears at a cut but does not flow over its place
  • A piece of flesh falls down but blood does not flow out
  • A person vomits but the vomit is not a mouthful
  • A worm comes out of a wound an ear
  • He vomits phlegm
  • A Salah offerer falls asleep during salah
  • He touches his penis with his hand
  • The person touches another person of the opposite sex
  • A sleeping person sways while in a posture that does not invalidate ablution.

When is ablution obligatory?


  • Offering salah
  • Funeral salah
  • Prostration of Quran recitation
  • Touching the Holy Quran

When is ablution compulsory (Wajib)?

  • Ablution is compulsory (Wajib )for circumambulation of Kabah

When is ablution desirable?

complete hajj guide

Ablution is desirable in the following cases:


  • Sleeping with ceremonial purity
  • Reciting the Holy Quran verbally
  • Reading or narrating hadiths
  • Studying any Islamic book
  • Major salah call (Adaan)
  • Delivering Fridays Arabic sermon (Khutba)
  • Visiting prophets pilgrimage (Roza)
  • Running between Safa and Marwah to and fro during the pilgrimage. (Saee)
  • Bathing a dead body
  • Carrying a dead body towards the grave
  • Ablution over the existing ablutionary state with the intention of earning the reward.
  • On getting up from sleep
  • To be with ceremonial purity perpetually
  • After committing an act of backbiting slander or lying and any other kind of sin
  • After loud laughter outside salah
  • At the time of every salah
  • Before bathing
  • Before eating drinking or sleeping
  • When angry

That’s all in this article. Hope you would be feeling happy to be with us here. Follow us to read more articles like it. Jazakallah

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