Allama Iqbal: Heart touching Poetry in Heart Touching Voice With Their Meanings

Allama Iqbal: Heart touching Poetry in Heart Touching Voice With Their Meanings: In  this world Who does not know this big name? A poet, A thinker, A philosopher, A forecaster, A barrister, An advocate, who was born on 9th November 1877.
He was Muhammad Iqbal Whom we know as Sir Allama Iqbal. He was, like others, in the beginning, an average poet. His poetry had not any message but only fulfilled the needs of Shayari. But as the time had passed he changed his thoughts and made his poetry a meaningful poetry. Where the hearts find their soul.

Let’s understand his poetry.

In this article you can find the best collection of your loving poet Allama Iqbal. Here you can read him, you can listen his poetry in best voices we find ever and you can understand here them.

#01-Kabhi Ae Nojawan Muslim Tadabbur bhi kiya tune

This poem is in Bang E Dara by the name of Khitab ba nojawanan e islam. In this poem Allama Iqbal addessed to the Muslim youth. He said addressing them as o Muslim youth,”have ever pondered on deep and serious things? What is this world in which this you is only a broken star.You came of a stock that nourishes you in the close embracing of love, A stock that ttrempled under the foot of Dara who wore the crown.The simple life of was the pride they had in their deeds of glorious show.

#02-Sharabe Kuhn Phir Pila Saqiya

#03-Tu Raaze Kun Fakaan he Apni ankhon per Ayan hoja

#04-Tu Abhi Rah Guzar Me He Qaid e Maqam Se Guzar

#05-Jab Ishq Sikhata He Aadaab E Khud Aagaahi Khulte hen Ghulamo per Asar e Shahanshahi

#06-Loh Bhi Tu Ya Muhammad

#07-Kabhi Ae Haqiqat e Muntazar Nazar Aa Libas e Majaz Men

#08-Sitaron Se Aage Jahan Aur Bhi Hen

#09-Tere Ishq Ki Intiha Chahta Hun

#10-Chin o Arab Hamara Hidostan Hamara

#11-Sare Jahan Se Achcha Hidostan Hamara

#12-Lab Pe Aati He Dua Ban Ke Tamanna Meri

#13-Aata He Yad Mujhko Guzra Hua Zamana


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