100 Best Islamic Quotes Which Help You in Being Positive 2019

Best Islamic Quotes Which Help You in Being Positive

Abdullah ibn ‘Umar Radi Allahu anhu said,

“The pleasure of the Lord lies in the pleasure of the parent. The anger of the Lord lies in the anger of the parent.” [Bukhari]

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Best Islamic Quotes Which Help You in Being Positive

“One of the greatest gifts and bounties we have been bestowed with from Allah Almighty is our mothers! Value your mum for it is such a blessing we cannot imagine!”
No matter how many mistakes you have made or how far you have gone down the wrong road, never despair, turn to Allah the Almighty with sincerity and you will find Him All-forgiving, The Most Merciful
When we speak always try to be careful with what we say and how we say it. Because we don’t know what the other person’s going through internally. Always try to be kind and uplift others with our words!
 When we pray, ALLAH hears more than we say, Answers more than we ask, Gives more than we can imagine, He’ll surely do what’s best for us! 

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Don’t dislike people just because you’ve heard something bad about them. Always give them the benefit of the doubt. Would you like others to do that to you? Surely you don’t want to be condemned by those you’ve not even met? Be fair. Allah the Almighty loves those who are fair-minded!
Patience is a quality of the heart. The more patient you are, the better person you become. An effective way to strengthen our patience is through the link with our Creator Allah the Almighty. Don’t lose that link. Exercise patience for His sake and He won’t let you down in your darkest moments.
Those who died yesterday had plans for this morning. And those who died this morning had plans for today! Don’t take life for granted. In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So forgive often & sincerely be kind with all your heart. We may never have that chance again. Spread goodness wherever we go!
If you have a good heart, thank Allah. Don’t ever regret it. You may be let down by people and you’ll be disappointed, but no matter what happens, continue spreading goodness sincerely for the sake of Allah.

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Don’t expect anything in return from anybody. Rely only on Allah, He’ll surely give you the best of rewards.
Always be kinder than necessary. What goes around comes around. Never belittle or mistreat anybody. Uplift and be helpful towards others, not hurtful!
If you are sincere in your intentions, Allah will most definitely show you away. All it takes is some hope, trust, and perseverance.
Life is like a heavy storm. You don’t know when it’s going to hit you, how hard and if you are going to fall over. But remember the heavy storm will eventually dissipate and you will get back up if you do fall. Likewise, in life when you take a knock, recompose and get back up stronger. Never give up.

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No one, absolutely no one is free from doing wrong. We all do it. No matter how far we have gone down the wrong road, don’t ever think Allah won’t forgive you, He is The Most Merciful and He loves to forgive.
A smile doesn’t always mean happiness. Sometimes it means that despite everything someone might be going through, they choose to remain positive. Many people are fighting battles we don’t know about. Be helpful, be kind!
Try to forgive & move on. It’s extremely difficult to do, but the rewards are immense. Try to be the better person for the sake of Allah. Be kind to your heart. Let it go.
Do not allow your lives to be driven by what other people say. Go by what your objectives are, what your passions are, what your ideas are, and never ever downgrade your ideas are in moments of weakness.

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The defeat does not destroy you, it’s being demoralized by the defeat that destroys you.
Don’t let the negativities of your past bring you down, don’t let it consume you. Remember, you can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re still thinking about yesterday. Be positive and look ahead, better things are still to come! Never lose hope.
Never leave your family on bad terms, because it could be the last time you get to see them and appreciate them. Anybody can buy you a gift, nobody can buy you a family. Remember your priorities. Always treat your family and loved ones with kindness and love!
Be a person who sincerely builds others up. Try to motivate, inspire and push one other to reach our positive goals.
Don’t be a person who is arrogant, belittles and looks down on others.

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Always try to be a person who spreads goodness and positivity wherever you go If people follow the ever guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah in every single step of this short staying life, Allah will change every and every horrific situation of the world!

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