Children Special Naats Collection

Children Special Naats Collection: Without children there is no imagination of the world. The children are world’s best amusement and world’s best time-pass. If you have some minutes free in your busy life, spend it with the children and see how beautiful that minutes are. And if you have no time to spend with them please make some minutes free.

No doubt that the children are loving for all of us and everyone loves their voice specially when they recite something meaningful because these little star don’t know how to act or how to overact. What they do they do truly, heartily and with full dedication.

In this Article you will see the children reciting the Naats, you may enjoy here their delicate voice. You may download these naats with giving options. We left the videos where are issues and problems of copyright.So enjoy freely.

Make Learn your children these words so that they would love the loving prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa’alihi wasallam.

Aamade Mustafa ki Chhayi Hai Har taraf Khushiyan

aamade mustafa ki khushiya


Jashne Wiladat Aaya Hai Paigham Khushi Laya Hai

jashne wiladat aaya hai


Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah

Hasbi rabbi jallallah



Jahan Bhi Jau Pyare Nabi Ki Naat Padhu

Jahan bhi jau me pyare nabi ki naat padhu


Me Bhi Jashn Manaunga Ya Allah Taufeeq De

me bhi jashn manaunga


Ya Rasoolallah Ya Rasoolallah Ya Habibal Qalbi

ya habib al qalbi


Me Bhi Madarse Jaunga Banunga Me Hafiz e Quran

banunga hafiz e quran


Udhar Hai Shaitan, Idhar Khuda He

idhar khuda he


Hale Dil KisKo Sunayen Aapke Hote Hue


hale dil kis ko sunayen


Tu kuja Man Kuja and Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah in the beautiful voice of Arsalan Farooq And Ajua Batool

Tu kuja man kuja children special


This is all in this article, We will soon update the things. We hope you will like, enjoy and praise the collection. If you find anything wrong please write us we will try to make your experience better.


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