Heart Touching Marsiya Kalam in The Memory of Imam Hussain

Heart Touching Marsiya Kalam in The Memory of Imam Hussain: Who does not know this big name?

Heart Touching Marsiya Kalam in The Memory of Imam Hussain

Muharram is the first month of Islamic calendar and that month also known as the month of Imam Husain. A lot of Muslims across the world remember Him in this month.

Hadrat Imam Aali Maqaam was the grandson of The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). He was the second son of Hadrat Ali (Radiallahu anhu) and Fatima Bint e Rasool (Radiallahu anha) and younger brother of Imam Hasan (Radiallahu anhu).

Brief Introduction

He was born on 26 October 626, 3 Shaabaan 4 Hijri in Madinah. He was killed and beheaded by Yazid’s Army at karbala (Iraq) on 10 Muharram 61 (AH) or 10 October 680 along with his family and companions.

Imam Hussain is highly regarded person for refusing to pledge allegiance to Yazid.  He is an ideal person in the history of the Muslims.


The day He was martyred is known as Aashura (the tenth day of the month).

Here is, In this post, a short collection of famous and heart touching Marsiya Kalam written in the memory of Imam Husain or Ahle Bait. We promise you we shall increase this collection in few days. If you have any problem in downloading, please inform us by commenting blow.

1- Piyasi he Sakina

pyasi he sakina marsiya

2- Apne Hatho Se Kafan Mujhko Pahna Do Zainab

apne hatho se kafan mujhko pahna do zainab

3- Husain Al Ghareeb Al Shaheed

husain al ghareeb alghareeb al shaheed

4- Shame Ghareeban-Na Ro Zainab  By Nadeem Sarwar

na ro zainab na ro zainab

5- Dil E Dukhtar-Ya Fatima Zahra Mere Baba Ko Bachao

dil e dukhtar

6- Kiya Muhammad Ka Pyara Nahi Hu

kiya muhammad ka pyara nahi hu

7- Mera Bachcha Mere Maula Ka Azadar Bane

mera bachcha mere maula ka azadar bane

8- Amma Jab Tak Na Bulaogi Na Ayega Husain

amma jab tak na bulaogi na ayega

9- Kahti Thi Maakahti thi maa marsiya

10- Maara Gaya Bhai Ran Meinmara gaya bhai ran main zainab jay kaha

11- Badhshah Husain By Nadeem Sarwar

badshah husain by nadeem sarwar

Topic – Heart Touching Marsiya Kalam in The Memory of Imam Hussain

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