Meditation Tips for Anger – Learn How to Control Anger

Ways to control anger: The anger is a disease that eats the qualities of a person gradually who does not care of this disease. If you are also affected with this disease, you should be aware of this curse. Here, in this articles we have collected some methods to control the anger. Some of them are found in the books of the hadith.

ways to control anger

Anger Management According to Islam: 10 Tips to Tame Your Temper

  • The first method is that when a person gets angry, he should recite La Hawla Wala Quwwata illa Billah.

With the blessing of these words, Satan, who runs in the state of anger, like blood in the veins and plays with his heart like a ball, runs away and the anger is controlled.

  • If the anger does not end with these words, seek refuge in Allah, with the words of Aooz-u-Billahi-Minash-Shaitanir-Rajim.

By reciting these words Allah will give refuge from anger.

  • If the anger does not end with these words, change your position.

For example, if you were lying down, you should sit down, if you were sitting, you should get up and stand up, if you were standing, you should take two steps and change your place.

By changing the place, Allah will calm your anger.

  • If  anger is not even colder, then you should perform ablution with the cold water.

With the blessing of ablution, Allah will put an end to your anger.

  • If the anger does not go away even after performing Wudhu, then he should offer two rak’ats of prayers

And in the state of prostration think. “I am a helpless servant of Allah lying in prostration, if today I do not forgive anyone’s mistake. So how will Allah forgive my mistakes on the Day of Resurrection?”

Mashaikh have said that when one goes into prostration and imagines one’s humility, then the anger will cool down completely.

  • If a person’s anger is not cooled by this, then Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) used to say. Take some water and put it in your nose,

It will cools down the anger quickly.

  • If even this does not end the anger of the man, then ask for the same prayer that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to Ayesha Siddiqah (may Allah be pleased with her).

That prayer was,

“O Lord of Muhammad, forgive me my sins, remove the anger of my heart and save me from the seductive temptations.”

  • And even if the anger does not cool down, then the last way is to recite Durood Sharif on the Prophet a few times.

It is a fact that by reciting Durood Sharif a few times, Allah saves us from anger.

Thats why in Arab, if two men started arguing, the Arabs immediately say, Salloo Ala Mohammad, Salloo Ala Mohammad”

You should control your anger in these ways and forgive others quickly so that on the Day of Resurrection, God Almighty will forgive you too.

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