What is Wudu & How to Perform? Meaning & Steps of Ablution [Wudu]

What is Wudu & How to Perform? Meaning & Steps of Ablution with Pictures: The literal meaning of the Arabic word wudu is beauty and cleanliness.

In sharia, ceremonial purification obtains with water which includes washing the face, hands, feet, and wet with water the forehead is called ablution or wudu. No salat is valid without ablution.

how to perform ablution wudu steps

What is Wudu & How to Perform?


Allah Says in the Quran:

O believers when you stand up for salah wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, do masah of your heads and wash your feet up to the ankles.

How should we perform the ablution?

  • Find clean water and sit in a high place, preferably sit facing Qibla.
  • Now fold up your sleeves over your elbows and Say Bismillah, you can recite the dua of wudu.
  • Then, wash your hands including wrist joints at least three times.
  • Brush your teeth with a Miswak or tooth stick if you have not, then rub your teeth with your fingers,
  • Draw up the water into your nostrils at least three times and clean them out with a little finger of your left hand.
  • Now, wash your face three times it’s obligatory don’t dash water on your face instead run water on your forehead gently and wash the face from your forelocks down to the lower part of the chin extending to your ears.
  • Wash three times your right forearm including the elbows then washes your left forearm in the same manner.
  • Wet your palms with water and pass them over your head, ears, and neck in order.
  • Finally, wash three times your right foot including the ankles, and then wash your left foot likewise including ankles in the order.

Here we clearly told about all wudu activities but the categorization of wudu is as below:

Essentials of Ablution

  1. Washing the face
  2. Washing the hands with elbows
  3. Wiping the quarter of head with Wet hands
  4. Washing the feet with ankles.

Traditions of Ablution

invalidators of ablution nawaqid e wudu

Now we remind you of the sunnah in wudu (These are the traditions of the beloved prophet so to make the wudu perfect we should act these traditions also)

  1. Intention- make intention before starting the ablution
  2. Bismillah- recite Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
  3. washing the hands- wash your hands up to the wrists
  4. Cleaning the teeth- clean your teeth with a tooth stick (Miswak) or with your fingers
  5. Rinsing the mouth – Rinse out your mouth
  6. Sniff water into your nose
  7. rinse and sniff thoroughly
  8. Total head wetting – wipe the entire head once with wet hands
  9. ears – wipe both the ears inside and outside the ears with wet fingers
  10. run your wet fingers through the beard from below
  11. run your wet fingers through the fingers of other hands
  12. scrub your organs while washing
  13. wash the next organ before drying the previous one
  14. Three times washing – wash every body organ thrice
  15. wash the organ with the order that is in the Quran
  16. wash the right before left
  17. start wiping the head with wet hands from the front of the head
  18. wipe the neck with wet hands but not the throat

Ettiquett of ablutiion

Mustahbbat wudu

  • sit on a raised place
  • sit facing the qibla
  • not seek help from others
  • inserting the wet fingers inside the earholes while wiping the ears
  • shake loose-fitting ring
  • lift up water for rinsing and sniffing in the right hand
  • use the right hand for nose picking
  • upon completing the ablution stand facing the qibla and recite the second kalma with allahummaj alni minat tawwabeen waj’alni minal mutatahhireen
  • kinds of ablution
  • invalidator of ablution
  • things which do not invalidate the ablution
  • salah is not valid without ablution
  • you cant touch the Holy Quran without ablution

Final Words

That’s not all about ablution we will soon cover all things relate the ablution. Stay tuned and tell us what do you want to know through the comment section.

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