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Akhlaq: The Ethics And Good Manners In Islamic Teachings

The teachings of Islam is based on four pillars; faith, ethics, worship and transactions. Thus we can say that the virtues and ethics have a major part in the teachings of Islam, the Qur’an and the Sunnah. No doubt that the common sense calls and urges for ethics and the …

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Dowry In these days the dowry is a topic which we have to discuss because it became a cancer of the society. Although every house is affected by this problem, people feel ashamed to talk about this. We will discuss in this article on this topic and its major affected …

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Ethics, Good Manners and It’s Importance in Islam

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Ethics, Good Manners and It’s Importance in Islam – The People differ among themselves in many things, and the distinction between people is a natural thing, not all people on one level of thinking, dealing and mood. There are many people who have been rooted in their hearts benevolent. Their …

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