SAWM: Important Fatwas About Fasting

Sawm, important fatwas about fasting in 2018. Here is the list of fatwa on fasting. Just check the below mentioned fasts and post your suggestion in the comment section.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمdarulifta - swam, fatwa, fasting

(1) While performing ablution (wudhu) in fasting, if thread like particles of miswak goes into my throat, then the fast will be valid or broken?

(2) While performing ablution (wudhu) in fasting, if thread like particles of miswak goes into my throat and by making effort I spit out some of the particles, then the fast will be valid or broken?



(1, 2) Fast will break if one uses miswak in the state of fast and swallows the particles of miswak intentionally and qaza is necessary whether the particles are less or more. However if one or two particles of miswak enter down the throat without intention then fast will not be invalid as it is not possible to avoid it.

وما ليس بمقصود بالاكل ولا يمكن الاحتراز عنه كالذباب إذا وصل إلى جوف الصائم ، لم يفطره ، ولو أخذ الذباب وأكله يجب عليه القضاء دون الكفارة . هنديه : 1/266/كتاب الصوم/الباب الرابع فيما يفسد وما لا يفسد ط: زكريا واذا ابتلع ما لا يتغذى به ولا يتداوى به عامة كالحجر والتراب لا يوجب الكفارة ولو ابتلع حصاة …. فعليه القضاء

(هنديه : 1/265 كتاب الصوم / الباب الرابع فيما يفسد وما لا يفسد ط: زكريا)

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(3) I have chronic kidney stones problem. For last 12 years I am suffering with this issue and passed through couple of stones. In last 9 years I have had 4 surgical operations to remove these stones and related issues. The last operation I just had end of this March 2017 and not going to my work for last 2 months.

I still have 6 mm stone in my left kidney. I should need to consume 2 to 3 litter water every day. Dehydration is not good for my kidney stones problem. Could you please tell me that what I should do for fasting in Ramadan? Should do fasting in Ramadan? I do fasting in Ramadan.

But now I feel that I increase the risk level very high when I give Dehydration to my body. I live in UK where fasting hours are very long, around 19 to 20 hours per day. I need advice/fatwa that what I should do according to my health condition.


If in case of keeping fast one fears his life or increase of illness then in such cases it is allowable not to keep the fast of Ramadan. In future when your health is recovered you should make qaza of these fasts.

In case your health is not restored then make a will to pay the fidyah of your missed fasts or pay the fidyah in your life time. The fidyah of one fast is 1 kg and 633 gram wheat or its price it should be given to the poor and needy ones.

(4) I am insulin dependent diabetic person. Last Ramadan I missed 7 sawm which I kept as ‘qaza’ now. This year Ramadan is in May-June. My questions are

(a) Can I avoid keeping ‘sawm’ during the Ramadan taking into my physical condition?
(b) Taking insulin 15-30 minutes before Iftar is allowed under Islam or not?


It is allowable to have injection during fast, it does not invalidate the fast. Since insulin is a kind of injection thus you may take it in the state of fasting if needed, your fast shall not break.

(5) In fasting period (roza), while making wudhu or bathing, if water put to wash into eyes. Will the fast remain or break?


Fast does not break if water enters in the eye while making wudhu or ghusl, the fast shall remain intact.

(6) When we are napak in sawm (roza) from what process we will be holy, though we cannot give water in nose and mouth? Please kindly say about it?


In case one becomes impure during Ramadan the method of ghusl is that one cleans the mouth well and does not gargle. Similarly one should clean the nose with water and should not take water heavily to an extent that water reaches up to the brain. Fast does not break if water is put in the mouth and nose, rather fast breaks when water goes down the throat or to the brain.

(These are some common question about sawm. If you have any question regarding sawm and ramadhan please ask us we shall try to solve it.)

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